Steeping in Grace. Living with Gratitude.             

Miller Tea Company provides hand-blended loose-leaf teas and tisanes.  They are created from organic teas and herbs as well as some of our own garden’s dried leaves, roots, and fruits. Rosalie McConaughy Bowers is the sole proprietor of Miller Tea Company.  Her husband and son farm the land and operate a successful agricultural business. It is our honor to care for this homestead.

Our farm has a rich history in Rome Township of Jones County, Iowa. It was previously owned by Florence G. Miller and had been a property once owned by her grandfather, Levi Miller.  It was here that Florence’s father, Henry Delbert Miller (H.D. or “Del”) was born and raised.  H.D. Miller married Myrtle Farnham, whose parents were also amongst the first settlers in this area. Rosalie’s father, Kenneth McConaughy worked for the Millers and raised his own family on this farm. Henry D. Miller was a successful man. His herd of purebred Aberdeen Angus cattle was prominent and nationally known.  H.D. owned and operated mercantile businesses and became a dealer and distributor of Buicks over a large area of the state. It has been said that Mr. Miller shipped the first trainload of automobiles into the state of Iowa. In 1932 Mr. Miller was elected state senator and served two terms. Throughout his lifetime and all his outside interests, his first concern was for his family and the people of his home community.  H.D. Miller deeded land to the Morley Consolidated School for the new school site. The building was dedicated on December 6, 1921. This new school replaced the original small schoolhouse that was built in 1909. All structures have now been removed from the Miller Park location. It is our hope to build a teahouse and share the history of this area and the people who once lived here. Miss Florence G. Miller was born and raised on this farm near Morley. She graduated from the Cornell College Academy and attended Cornell College, Coe College, and the State University of Iowa. She majored in history and dramatics. She taught in the Morley schools for 17 years and served as Superintendent from 1944-1948. Following her father’s death, Florence resided on the family farm along with her mother, Myrtle. She had beautiful gardens and continued her hobby of studying nature.  The McConaughy's owned this land following the death of Miss Miller.

Rosalie and her sister, Janette McConaughy Beardsley minister to their community through Seeds of Grace and Gratitude, Inc. (non-profit) providing devotional messages and music.  We specialize in Sip & Praise events.  A tea party with friends over inspirational words and messages.  

Miller Tea Company supports Seeds of Grace & Gratitude. The sale of our Dedicated Tea Line is donated to this ministry as they nourish seeds of grace to encourage a life lived with gratitude. May the seeds of truth, hope, and perseverance take root in our minds and hearts. 

From enjoying a strong cup of tea for breakfast to winding down with a delicious sleepy time tea, we have a tea for you.  But don’t forget that you’re never too old for a tea party.  Our teas are perfect for an afternoon to gather with friends and live a life filled to the brim.